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The Singer Featherweight Model 221

When Singer designed and built this first commercially successful portable sewing machine they got it right! Prized by quilters for their timeless and classic beauty, ruggedness, light weight, and beautiful stitching these machines are often seen at quilting retreats, guild events and classes.

All of us at Six Sisters Mercantile own and sew on a Singer Featherweight, and so do many of our customers. We even have a Featherweight Fellowship group that meets monthly.

All the Featherweights at Six Sisters Mercantile come from Mr. Delbert Godsy of Mountian View, Missouri.
In 1990 Delbert Godsy purchased his first Featherweight for $50 at a yard sale. He soon was buying more and began repairing and refurbishing Featherweights, “they were pretty easy to work on” he said. Word spread that he could fix Featherweights and his work quickly spread to repairing customer's machines and refurbishing machines for sale. Delbert has since then sold thousands of Featherweights and serviced many more. Looking at a Featherweight he can tell you within a few years when it was made.
Visitors to quilt shows throughout the Midwest have met Delbert. He was easy to spot in the quilted vests his wife made for him to wear to shows. If you were lucky enough to come in to Six Sisters Mercantile on any given day that Delbert was here, it was great to talk with him, a man who had so much to share and loved to do so!

Rest In Peace Delbert Godsy September 6, 1927 - February 18, 2022



How To Get One of Your Own

We have an ever changing inventory of Featherweights for sale. These usually include some of the first generation 1934-1935 models, some later scroll plate models, Centennial models, as well as some 1950's and 1960's models.
All of these Featherweights come with a carrying case, many of which are in exceptional condition just like the machines!

Come in soon and take a look at these fine machines. We know of nowhere else in the state of Missouri where you can see, feel, and choose from so many beautiful Featherweights all in one place. 
These Machines always sell quickly. Come in soon and experience the joy of owning and sewing on one of these fine Featherweights. Invest in an heirloom that will be a joy to use each and every day!

Parts and Service

If your Featherweight is in need of service or repair, bring it to us! Whether it simply needs a good cleaning and adjustment, or has more serious problems we will be glad to take a look at it and give you an estimate before the work begins. After the work is done we will test the sewing to make sure the machine is making nice stitches and the tension is properly set.  And if the years have taken their toll on the finish of your machine, we may be able to shine it up for you as well! 

Do you need a new light bulb, belt, or drip pad for your Featherweight? How about some bobbins, needles, or a new 1/4 inch foot? Or maybe something like a thread spool pin and cover, throat plate, or a new power cord. We stock some Featherweight parts and are adding more every week. If we don't have what you want give us a call and we will be happy to order it for you.

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