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T-shirt Quilt Design Class

Making a T-shirt quilt is a wonderful way to preserve and enjoy memories of special times in our lives. But actually making a T-shirt quilt can feel like an overwhelming project. In this class you will learn how to create a stunning T-shirt quilt with a pattern designed specifically for your T-shirts! You will learn how to design and graph a pattern using different size blocks. And also how to create an optional shadow box effect for your blocks. In this class we will NOT BE SEWING, so no need to bring your sewing machine. You will need to bring the T-shirts that you will be using for the quilt. In addition you will need to bring to class: Pen or pencil Pins Acrylic Ruler or tape measure Paper scissors

Aug 1
Open Sew
Aug 3
First Saturday
Aug 3
Rooster I-See-You! Acrylic Paint Class